The 201st Class was a class of students at the TCSNA. The first year was known as the plebe year, but studies went on a couple of more years.

1200 arrived to Hilthros with a shuttle. Those were organized into 12 companies, divided into 4 battalions and 2 regiments. Only 800 would pass the classes to the next year.[1]

In the second year, the 201 Class maintained the tradition of badgering and hazing the plebes. Even some of the most introverted became brazen, obnoxious upperclassmen, searching for reasons to dress down the plebes (scuffed shoes, dirty belt buckles, improper haircuts and unmade beds, white-glove inspections with dirty gloves). Carl T. LaFong abstained for this, opting to sabotage the system.[1]

The third year they were assigned on board a ship, usually an Exeter-class destroyer. While 2000 enrolled only 200 actually graduated. These were the best of the best.

Because of heavy losses in battle the 201st Plebe class replaces the regular flight crew aboard the refurbished TCS Tiger's Claw, commanded by Commodore Geoffrey Tolwyn. The cadets were supposed to complete their course of instruction while performing routine patrols and flight training.[2]


Behind the scenesEdit

It is unclear what 201st actually means; There may be two or more possible contexts for the 201st Class.

  • It was the 201st class since the founding of the institution which would place the "1st Class" and the founding of the Academy in the 2450s (about 30 years after the founding of the Confederation, which would be a reasonable point for it to be founded).
  • Just one of several classes that attend the various Terran Academies, or a random name for a squadron in the Academy among several others. This would mean that students are assigned to during their Plebe year, and continue to remain in until they graduate. This means that 201st Class is a permanent entity whose members come and go.

There are issues between various sources of when and where Blair and Maniac and others studied at the Academy. Some place graduation about 2-3 years after enrollment in an 'accelerated' class schedule, others place it four years after enrollment. Some sources place the 201st Class graduation about 2654, and others placed it around 2653.

  • In The Ultimate Guide the Enyo campaign (although not by that name) is said to have occurred "Fifteen years ago" thus LaFong entered his second semester in 2654.


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