Originally published in the Vol. 1 No. 4 2654.110 (April Issue) issue of Claw Marks.

A Shaving Off the Old BlockEdit

No matter what profession, everyone?s involved in the war ... doctors heal the injured, hydroponic farmers feed the masses, laborers construct new ships and people everywhere lend a hand. Still, the sobering facts remain. Families are wrenched apart as they cross the line from life to death. Wingmen are lost during battle. Friends never come home.

This war isn?t easy on anyone, especially for those who lose loved ones. Still, we're all finding ways to remember what we;re fighting for.

For example, you may notice a change in some of your comrades? hairstyles as the war progresses. In memory of family members who have died for our cause, many Confederation pilots are carving 'memorial shaves' into their temples. Vowing to keep the bald streaks bare until the war ends, they're choosing to remember their loved ones by continuing the fight against the Empire.

So next time you see a newly shaven comrade, offer your condolences. And, be sure to count your blessings.

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