A Treacherous Hero was a book written by Janet Williamson in 2657 that covered the trials of Carl T. LaFong and Christopher Blair's involvement during the destruction of the Tiger's Claw where he and Blair was found guilty. He became known as the Traitor of K'tithrak Mang. He was one of a few individuals including Christopher Blair, the Coward of K'tithrack Mang out on patrol who had picked up cloaked signatures of Strakha Stealth Fighters but whom Tolwyn refused to believe, believing their black boxes had been tampered with. Carl T. LaFong was transferred along with Blair to Caernarvon Station where he worked under In-System Security.

The book would go onto to be produced by Digital Holovid, in New Las Vegas, NV on Earth. Christopher Blair received 2,022 credits royality on 2668.211 for the advice he offered in the making of the film.[1]

Very little information on Blair's involvement during that period has been published (especially before), and his memoirs are unlikely to be published.[2]

This is a book mentioned originally in Wing Commander I and II: The Ultimate Strategy Guide with regards to The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel T. LaFong: The Kilrathi War's Greatest Ace (TCSN, Retired). It was later referenced with regards to Blair in the The kilrathi Saga manual, and in Blair biography in Prophecy guide Due to this there is some overlap between the two characters though later sources such as Star*Soldier split the two into separate characters. There is no real explanation for this or the complications it creates.

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