Abram was a human scientist, working as a teacher. He was the leader of the colonists who discovered Fawcett's World. However the planet was also claimed by the Empire of Kilrah. The Kilrathi had surprised the humans. Abram had no time to autodestruct the ship. The Kilrathi took as prisoner anyone of his group who served with the Confed Fleet and taken to The Emperor. The ship was salvaged and Intelligence learned what they could about humans and the Terran Confederation.[1]

They were lucky enough that they were discovered by Lord Vakka and retainer Harga, the master of the planet. Harga came to like and admire the humans. A Kilrathi with rare love of knowledge, found Abram interesting. Abram learned Kilrathi language (including some of the dialect of the Imperial Court), read the Ikgara Kutgaga and learned the lineage of the clans and the Story of the Eight. He spent hours with Harga talking about their peoples and their cultures.[1] Even Vakka, when not obstructed by his smell, felt Abram like a clan elder.[2]

Studying Kilrathi history, and hearing news from Vakka, he reasoned on his own that there will be a war, starting with a jak-tu. He compared the Kilrathi culture, fixed and fanatic in its way, to some ancient cultures of Earth that had been destroyed by more determined enemies. He was certain that the humans would win.[1]

Vakka demanded that his son, Jukaga nar Vakka should be tutored by Abram so that he can understand humans, and the danger they pose, better, and eventually like him and discover their value when he leads the conflict.[1]


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