Afterburners are a component of a spaceship which relies on speed, such as starfighters and racers.

The afterburners adjust the ramscoop field by reducing its opening; drag is reduced and hydrogen gas is routed past the ship, which is captured by the field at the stern, and compressed to fusion. Acting like a secondary set of fusion engines, it gives 50% more thrust and almost 100% top speed. During that process however, no fuel is collected into the small fuel tanks of the fighter, and fuel is depleted rapidly.[1]

Lighting the afterburners rapidly burns through fuel reserves. Using short bursts, instead of sustained burns, consumes less fuel and can be used as an alternative to regular thrust.[2]

Usage of afterburners in dogfights, offense and tactical maneuvers can offer the advantage of irregular speed and unpredicatability. Afterburners are used in maneuvers such as slides and roll-and-turn.[2]


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