Anhur is the 'birthplace' of humans in the Tri-System. Natives are known as Anhurans. It is said to be the cradle of humanity. Humans or humanoids have lived there for several thousands of years. The last few, perhaps three thousand years ago had seen serious history in the development of technology. The rise of space travel began some two thousand years before.

It is not clear how human populations got there, but it appears many of them were there long before the Pilgrims on Terra went to the stars. Anhurians appear to be base-line humans with no special powers or abilities, and they are very suspicious of mutants.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the game its unclear how people came to Anhur, infact it may even be implied that they evolved there parallel to earth. At least some elements of earth history has made it into the Tri-System but its not clear how it reached them. Alien seeding, space/time travel, or perhaps radio or television signals reaching the system.

The name of the planet is taken from an Egyptian god. Anhurian culture appears to be much older than many modern earth cultures and space travel predates earth by about 1500 years or so.

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