The B'ru'k-class was a class of merchantmen of the Kilrathi Empire from before the Terran-Kilrathi War.


They are armed with heavy mass drivers and anti-ship missiles and equiped with some towing system.


Three B'ru'ks detected the CS Iason in the V343 system, the first time the Kilrathi ever encountered a Terran ship. Once it was detected, they changed to intercept Iason. Two scout Ferrets were sent to investigate, but one was hit. The Terran Terran captain made several failed attempts to contact the ships but there was no reply.

Eventually one of the ships transmitted a video signal to the Iason, inviting the Terran captain to open a two-way channel, making themselves visible to the Kilrathi; whereas the Kilrathi sent only the image of an unadorned bulkhead. Shortly later the Kilrathi transmitted the radio order to open fire and all three ships opened fire simultaneously. Iason returned fire and attempted to retreat at top speed but the Kilrathi followed and destroyed it. Kilrathi boarding parties arrived and gutted the ship.

The same, or another B'ru'k towed the gutted hull of the Iason into the Hyperion system . They abandon the ship and left it above Hyperion 4 as a challenge or warning to the Confederation.[1]

Meanwhile, James Taggart, the only survivor of the Iason, was salvaged by one of the ships, and was kept inside a dark room, but he could not notice anything in there, and after a few weeks he was transferred to another ship.[2]

According to Claw Marks, the TCS Iason made first contact with a single unidentified alien ship (and was destroyed by it) instead of three. The class of that ship is not mentioned.


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