Bakhtosh nar Kiranka, aka Bakhtosh Redclaw, was an ace fighter pilot and nobleman[2] of the ruling Kiranka clan.[Source?] He held the distinction of being the most accurate shot in the Kilrathi Empire, which was made possible by his Jalthi, the most heavily-armed Kilrathi starfighter of the 2650s.


Around 1640 he led a Jalthi attack on a cruiser, witnessed by James Taggart while he was serving there. He took 4 pilots before they knew what hit them.[3]

Bakhtosh Redclaw was escorting Kilrathi Dorkir-class tankers in the Dakota System in 2654 during the outbreak of Watson's Disease in that system. Unfortunately for Redclaw, Confed was in that system transferring vaccines to the infected colonies, and they sent a flight wing to engage Redclaw's convoy. He was engaged by Christopher Blair on 2654.139[Source?], and despite his superior skills and attempts to intimidate his foe, he was promptly shot down and killed in action.[3][1]

In the game, Bakhtosh appears in Dakota leading an escort to Dorkir-class,[3] in the Hubble's Star system[4] and later leading an attack force against the Claw.[5]


Bakhtosh Redclaw flew his entire career in a Jalthi despite its low maneuverability, and was known for his accuracy shots, shooting from themaximum effective range for his weapons, giving him the time to adjust with more versatile maneuvers. He uses missiles in close.[2]

Redclaw was also famous about his scathing insults towards his enemies and racial comments. Being a nobleman, he was trained in the politics of superiority from birth. He was so effective in intimidating his enemies that, combined with his reputation, it often resulted in them cowering in battle, making them an easier prey to exterminate.[2] Although Kilrathi saw humans as animals, he didn't even thought of them as high or mighty.[3]

The best Kilrathi shot in the Vega Sector, he is nothing more than a mediocre flier, compared to the legendary Terran known as the "Red Baron".nothing special. Like one legendary figure of Terran combat aviation, the Red Baron, he is an excellent marksman but a mediocre flier.[2]


The Academy Years gives the following mechanics about Bakhtosh's AI

Bakhtosh's AI
No Damage Medium Damage Almost Destroyed
Enemy Near 80% try to tail; 20% strafe and roll 90% try to tail; 10% strafe and roll Run away at full afterburners
Enemy Slow sit and fire
Enemy Far intercept enemy fighter
Enemy Tailing 50% hard turn; 50% turn and kick 75% fish hook; 25% kick it
Head-to-Head 50% zip past; 50% strafe and roll
Missile Coming 50% fish hook; 50% turn and kick 50% kill missile; 50% turn and kick
Laser Hit 70% kick it, 30% break left 50% turn and spin; 50% turn and kick
On Enemy Tail 80% tail fire; 20% strafe and roll tail fire
Enemy Destroyed gloat veer away


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