Battle of Titan was the beginning of the Pilgrim War.

In page 16, the Confederation Handbook mentions that the Pilgrims attacked Titan on 2635. 3 lines later the same date is mentioned again as the end of the Pilgrim War. Obviously this year as the date of the Battle of Titan is wrong, as later it is given the date 2631.


By the early 27th century, the Terran Confederation had established interstellar presence. The Port of Titan was the main starbase which built and launched jump-ships.

The militant faction of Pilgrims controling the Pilgrim Alliance was not satisfied with Terrans reaching their interstellar sphere, and decided to cripple their colonization efforts by cutting their incursion at the source. The Alliance assembled a fleet at Beacon and mounted a massive assault to destroy the station in a quick, surgical assault, attack Earth, expecting a primitive and unprepared target.

On 2631.244, the fleet jumped into the Sol System, but the Confederation was proved to be surprisingly stron and rich with significant defensive resources. Intense fighting around Saturn lasted for 3 days, Titan remained intact and the Pilgrims were forced to retreat.


After the Battle, the Confed offered a new round of negotiations, but the Alliance ignored it. Instead they proceeded to aggressive guerilla action in Confed space.


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