Affiliation Pilgrim Alliance
Sector Sol Sector
Quadrant Vearrier Quadrant[1]
Jump links Faith, Luyten, McDaniel's World, Promise, Canarus[1]

Beacon is a star in the Vearrier Quadrant of the Sol Sector and capital of the Pilgrim Alliance.


Beacon was settled by Pilgrim explorers. In 2325 the Pilgrim Alliance was founded on Beacon.[2]

The Pilgrims assembled a fleet at Beacon and mounted a massive assault to destroy the Port of Titan station which was the main base of the Terran colonization effort. This resulted to the Pilgrim War.

The Confed Grand Fleet jumped into the Beacon and were met with an offer of surrender and dissolve the Alliance government. After the peace accords the Pilgrim Alliance officially ceased to exist and the Confed absorbed its worlds. [1]


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