The Blackmane System is a Confederate-controlled system that has strategic value to many key Confederate systems, including the Locanda System.  It was featured in Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger

In NovelsEdit

In the novels, following the loss of the Locanda System, ConFed ordered a full retreat from Blackmane and evacuated all personnel from the system.  The High Command dispatched the TCS Victory to assist and defend the evacuation transports as they moved through the system. 

During a mission, the Kilrathi booby-trapped a pair of transports that exploded near Colonel Christopher's Blair wing with Strakha fighters lying under cloak waiting to ambush.

Despite losing the Blackmane system, the Confederation was able to evacuate everyone on board.  The success of the operation by the Victory thanks to Colonel Blair allowed the High Command to send the Victory over to the Kilrathi-controlled Ariel System on an offensive mission.

In the gameEdit

The mission sets you get depends on the final mission in the Locanda System.  If you stop the warheads, you will be sent to the Blackmane System as the Kilrathi is trying wrestle control of the system from the Confederation.  The first mission involves protecting the Blackmane starbase which is unarmed, but heavily shielded.  Bloodmist, the Pak'than bomber ace; appears in this mission.  Once all the enemies have been destroyed, the player goes on to the second mission, otherwise, he goes right to the Ariel system.

In mission two, the player has to defend supply convoys from attacking Kilrathi fighters.  There are two sets of transports, but one set is booby-trapped and going near it will cause the transport to explode causing significant damage to any fighter nearby.

The final mission, the player has to defend a weapons convoy as it moves towards Blackmane.  Completion of this mission will allow Blackmane to defend itself and the player moves on to Ariel

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