Blair is the surname of line of Heros from many wars. Several have been Terran Confederation officers or pilots.


Behind the scenesEdit

Blair appears in the novel Freedom Flight, which was written before Origin created and settled on the name Christopher Blair for the player character of the game series in Template:Wc3 but during a time they were thinking of calling him Arturo Blair as early as 1991 (before that he was dubbed Carl T. LaFong among others). So likely intended to be the same persons.

The WC3 novel suggests that C. Blair was serving on the Claw that time, as he remembers the time Hobbes came there, and had been on a few missions with him before the destruction of the ship; this reference makes possible for Blair and Christopher Blair be the same person. On the other hand, The Kilrathi Saga manual suggests that Blair was on R&R during that time, although the two references aren't necessarily mutually exclusive.

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