Ship-to-ship boarding operation is a set of military actions where a team of marines (boarding party) is inserted into an enemy vessel, with the intent of securing or sabotaging it.

Terran ConfederationEdit


The fire team is the minimum element of a boarding party, consisting of 2 armored marines. A boarding squad is an operational unit consisting of 3-5 armored fire teams, a Hospital Corpsman; command authority is assigned to an officer or senior NCO who participates in the squad as OIC (officer in charge). A boarding party consists of one or more squads and is assigned to carry out the operation.

The Mission Commander (a Marine, Naval or Space Force officer) coordinates, selects forces, assigns and prioritizates mission objectives. He is appointed by the CO of a ship or base, who also reviews and approves his decisions. In small operations the MC serves as a squad OIC, but in large-scale operations he coordinates from a tactical command center (usually at/near the point of ingress).

Supporting heavy demolition teams are held in reserve to facilitate sabotage or destruction, or even to faciliate ingress through barriers. Prize crews are also reserved where the objective is the capture/control of the enemy ship.


Standard issue equipment includes the C-524 Space Armor (incl. C-512 Combat Helmet, C-532 Life Support Pack, C-545 External Web Harness) and armed with a C-47 Assault Rifle. Officers and medics carry a C-244 Pistol. All members carry a C-275 Utility Knife


The entry is usually made from ships such as a cap ship, troop transport shuttle. Its captain has full discretionary authority to disengage when the tactical situation becomes hazardous, even when the party has not been recovered.

Recommended priorities are usually the securing of the bridge, the engine room, weapons control areas and finally neutralization of remaining enemy resistance.[1]

Documents that describe the procedures are M-531, Shipboard Demolition Operations and M-121, Shipboard Tactical Combat.


Kilrathi boarding party consists of 4-20 small units of 4-8 warriors each. They are typically lightly armed, carrying a Dor-Chak laser rifle and 4-6 fragmentation grenades.

The attackers enter explosively and once inside they ship, they advance aggressively, spreading out as fast as possible throughout the ship, destroying anything that stands in their way. They don't allow much time to the defenders to react or adjust to changing conditions

The units are optimized for offense, therefore if they are immobilized they become much less dangerous. Alert defenders seek to corner or bracket the attackers, isolating the units, and individually destroy them.[2]


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