The Border Worlds are a loose affiliated independent (and non-affiliated) worlds in edge of the Terran Confederation. The largest of these governments is the Union of Border Worlds.


The Border Worlds is a region between the Terran Confederation and the frontier. Many of the worlds were colonized by a few Pilgrims, and Pilgrim sympathizers and other independent explorers who chose not to become part of the Terran Confederation. It is a wild place filled with rogues, privateers, pirates, and the Border Worlders themselves. There are a number of governments within the Border Worlds though some have loose alliance with each other, the largest of these being the Union of Border Worlds and the Free Republic of the Landreich in the Landreich Sector, while others keep to themselves.

During the beginning of the Kilrathi War the Border Worlds had refused to release carriers acquired from earth until long after the war had begun. There were rumors that piracy and terrorism from the region was common and had existed for a long time.[1] While some of the worlds were strong allies during the war, not all were, and many chose to remain neutral.

Many of the Border Worlds tribesman have developed accents considered as having an alluring lilt.[2] Some of the Pilgrims living in the Border Worlds were willing to trade and sell technology to the Kilrathi.

They have been constantly been at odds with the United Confederation in border disputes either trying to colonize space in the Terran Confederation, or preventing the confederation from growing into their space. There were a few Border Worlds disputes in 2654, and they contantly hassled the Confederation.[3]

The Border Worlds uses its own currency and trades with the Confederation.

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