Born in Heaven: The Life of a Station Child was a book by Rose Sicillian which was published by Twelfth Press in 2592. Lang Tanaka used that book as a source.[1]

It told about the conditions of being born and raised in the human colonies around the Sol system during their early days. The book is a source about customs concerning childrens such as:

  • Literacy was universal, usually learned at home from vid programs
  • Small children, from infancy until the 6-7, spend their time with their parents at their occupations. The "Timmy Tether" is also mentioned; and the "Wild Hall", a kind of recess area where adults supervised the children at play.
  • Schooling became more practical than academic; liberal arts and other subjects being reserved for those whose parents could afford vids and tutors.
  • Older children were assigned to menial apprentiship and later to increasingly difficult tasks until they could pass the exams.
  • After the exams, they entered the professional workforce.
  • Work hours were strictly regulated and rarely exceeded 10 hours.


  1. Chris McCubbin, Official Authorized Wing Commander Confederation Handbook, A Theory on the Origin and History of Extraordinary Navigational Powers

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