Bryan Lombard (aka Lightspeed) was a pilot on board the TCS Tiger's Claw. Left his score on the TrainSim in Super Wing Commander.


He was the brother of Jack A. Lombard.

He flew to his death barely three months after graduating from the Academy. Eager, impulsive and trigger-happy, he and his wing commander unexpectedly ran into a Kilrathi force on a routine reconnaissance mission. Lightspeed presumably panicked and chased after an enemy Sartha. He didn’t realize he was being lured away from his commander so the Kilrathi could finish off both ships separately. He didn’t stand a chance against the experienced enemy fighters. As a wing commander in the simulator, you should learn how to protect an inexperienced wingman like Lightspeed and give him orders that are feasible for him to follow.

If Jack had had the chance to train his brother in the Academy simulator, he might have been more prepared for the Kilrathi when they came after him that fateful day.

Behind the scenesEdit

It is possible that there are more than one character named Lightspeed. But the title appears in Super Wing Commander and Wing Commander Academy.

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