The C-47 Assault Rifle is the standard assault weaon of all Terran Confederation ship-based forces during the Terran-Kilrathi War. It is carred by all fire-team members in boarding operations.


The ballistic rifle fires an explosive 2.3mm caseless projectile along a tight-beam magnetic field; it can be set to single, 3-5 round burst, or fully automatic fire.

It also incorporates an underslung single-shot grenade launcher which fires magnetically accelerated 35mm concussion micro-grenades.

The incorporated magnetic acceleratr is powered with a sealed rechargeable power cell mounted in the butt, rated for 25,000 shots.

Magazines for the C-47 are dual feed holding 100 projectiles and 20 micro-grenades. An optional banana-clip magazine can hold 175 and 30.

Physical propertiesEdit

A fully loaded C-47 weighs 5.1kg. Dimensions are 88x21x7cm.


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