The C-512 Combat Helmet is a standard issue component used with the C-524 Space Armor.


The helmet is a protective unit that is covered with a basic shell of 3 cm polymer armor. It provides imaging, communications and life support.

Its visor is a fiber-optically clarified polymer and prvies automatic glare/flash protection, infrared imaging and light-enhancement options and can generate 1 or 2 floating HUDs (text or schematics). Underlighting is provided for illuminating the user's face. It is fully insulated and shielded.

The visor is flanked by a water nipple (right) and a pill dispenser (left). The pill inventory includes pain-killers, stimulants, anti-rad or anti-agent medications.

The helmet has an integral antenna with a range of 8000kms across open space. Its communications system is voice-activated and supports 40-channels.

Its micro-processor can accept up to 4 cards (data, targeting or navigation). It is powered with a rechargeable power cell of 48 hours autonomy in maximum output.

A C-532 Life Support Pack can connect to the helmet with an umbilicus hose. The helmet can be worn on the suit only if the stud which controls the suit strip is locked. The helmet also doesn't allow the strip to be opened until it is removed.

Physical characteristicsEdit

It weighs 4.3kg. Its dimensions are 35x33x30cm


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