The C-524 Space Armor is a standard issue armor used by boarding parties of the Terran Confederation.


The main pressure suit is a single-piece unit. It is molded from rubberized plastic and is reinforced with monofilament polymers. It is also bonded to polymer armor plates protecting vital areas. In its interior, there is a life-support system (air recirculation, temperature regulation/insulation, radiation shielding, bodily waste elimination).

The aperture through which the suit is donned is located on the left side (from hip to neck) and is protected with a double-sealed molecular bonding strip. The interior collar of the suit has a stud which controls the strip, and must be sealed before the C-512 Combat Helmet can be attached.

The suit also provides 2 (sealable) external thigh-pockets for small items, and a pouch below the right arm, containing a standard emergency patch kit.

Physical characteristicsEdit

The whole suit weighs 2.4kg. Suits are folded and stored into a self-contained pouch (29x24x14cm).



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