The C-532 Life Support Pack is a component designed to support human life under combat conditions.


The C-532 is a sealed, integrated unit. A full charged unit weighs 8.4kg. It's dimensions are 41x32x20 cm.

The unit provides a 7-hour air supply (6 regular tank plus 1-hour emergency) with circulation fans. It also has a 1/4 water tank, heater/coolant unit and 72-hour power supply. It is armored with a half inch of polymer armor overall. The climate-control system can function in environments from -43 to 98 degrees C.

It is mounted to the C-524 Space Armor, although this can result to oxygen deprivation in strenuous activities; it also has an umbilicus hose of monofilament-reinforced plastic which connects to the C-512 Combat Helmet. Behind the right shoulder there is an armored compartment with a recessed emergency umbilicus which can be used as a replacement to a damaged umbilicus, or to assist a second individual under emergency conditions. The unit's base also has another sealed armored compartment with connectors for the air tanks, water tanks and power supply recharge to be used with an appropriate pumping/charging equipment, even when the unit is in use.


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