The C-643 Shaped Satchel Charge is an explosive device used by the Terran Confederation forces. It is carried by each fire team of a boarding party, not already carrying a C-884 Medium Cutting Torch.


The C-643 is a self-adhesive, shaped, timed explosive device, designed to blow light barriers (such as hatches) or used against adversaries.

Its timer can be set for a 5 to 60" delay. A back-up timer has a fixed 10" delay.

A range of 5m to the rear of the explosion is safe for personnel. A distance of more 25m is recommended because of ancillary damage and debris.

The back-up timer can be used with a trip-wire trigger; once it's set, the timer is activated, and at the end of the 10" time, the device waits for any further disturbance to the trigger to explode.

Physical characteristicsEdit

Weight: 0.8kg; dimensions 12x12x5cm


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