The CF-117a Rapier was an early A model of CF-117 Rapier starfighter used by the Terran Confederation.

The model definition is never mentioned as such, but it is alluded to in the Terran Confederation Handbook. It may technically be te same thing as F44-A Rapier


Development began in 2527 and in 2536 the first order of 700 was commissioned. In 2645 it was phased out in favor of the CF-117b Rapier with enhanced missile capacity and more efficient neutron gun rotary-barrel.[1] This model was either developed in conjunction with the F44-A Rapier or is the same ship. F44-A Rapiers were still in use by 2554 but most had been replaced with the CF-117b.

This Rapier might correspond to the F-44 Rapier prototype. One of the big noted differences is that it lacks the rotary cannon on the front.


  1. Chris McCubbin, Official Authorized Wing Commander Confederation Handbook, Joan's Ships of Known Space

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