The Caernaven-class Frigate is a starship in the Wing Commander Universe in use by the Terran Confederation. However, they have been acquisitioned by pirates, planetary defense forces, and even the enemy Kilrathi.

An ancient, pre-war design, the Caernaven frigate is a ubiquitous capital ship hull still deployed along the front lines. The "Swiss army knife" of the Confederation arsenal, the frigate's hold can be customized for just about any purpose imaginable, a factor largely contributing to its assimilation into civilian life as well as its prevalence on black markets around the universe. Though some are too small to make transporting goods profitable, there seems to be a Caernaven for every mission. From assuming a traditional fleet escort role to assisting missile-heavy planetary bombardments to serving as a command-and-control vessel, the aged frigate still performs whatever duty it is assigned with the quiet dignity of a seasoned soldier.

They are lightly armed with 4 heavy laser turrets, a Multiple Torpedo Tube and 2 IFF (Friend or Foe) missile launchers.

Unmodified versions have a cruising speed of 100 kps, have a maximum velocity of 180 kps, have defensive phase shields equivalent to 1000 cm of armor, and have 600 cm of armor plating. These normal versions also carry a crew of 120.

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