The Clarkson-class Jammer was a warship used by the Terran Confederation. It is seen once in Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom.


The Clarkson-class Jammer is actually a Terran Confederation Clarkson-class Transport refitted as a jamming vessel. Only one of these ships is known to have existed. The craft was redesigned to shut down the systems of enemy capital ships, including communications, weapons systems, radar, sensors, shields, etc. The ship is also capable of cloaking itself so that it may remain unseen while it hacks into enemy vessels. It could jam into any ship or starfighter, rendering them helpless to enemy attacks. Its jamming equipment was put in the place of where a regular Clarkson's cargo modules would normally be seen, with multiple antennae in place. This Jammer ship was owned and operated by the Black Lance.

The one Jammer vessel known to have existed was used by the Black Lance during the Black Lance Conspiracy in 2673. It was operating in the Peleus System where it jammed fighters and capital ships belonging to the Union of Border Worlds, allowing Black Lance forces to destroy them easily. The Peleus System was strategically vital to the Union's war efforts as it was the site of many resources and an important supply line. Colonel Christopher Blair led the crew of the BWS Intrepid into Peleus to stop the harassment of allied ships, and while there captured one of the Black Lance's recruits, Evan Bean. Bean had met Colonel Blair on Nephele II, and as a gesture of good will, agreed to assist the Union in tracking the mysterious vessel. Colonel Blair and his wingmen launched an assault on the vessel, and were eventually successful in destroying the ship. This freed the Intrepid from the ship's jamming effects and allowed the Border Worlds to reopen the supply lanes in the Peleus System.

After the loss of this Jammer, they were never seen again.

Specifications - Clarkson-class TransportEdit


Length: 160 meters

Mass: 2,300 tons


Maximum Velocity: 100 kps

Acceleration: 10 k/s^2

Maximum Yaw: 5 deg/s

Maximum Pitch: 5 deg/s

Maximum Roll: 5 deg/s


Fore Shields: 2000 cm

Aft Shields: 2000 cm


Forward: 300 cm

Left: 300 cm

Right: 300 cm

Rear: 300 cm


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  • Classified

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