The Clydesdale-class Transport was a class of transport in the service of the Terran Confederation during the Kilrathi War.


Clydesdale-class Transports were military transports that have served in the Terran Space Navy since at least the 2660s. Like all transports, they were in charge of ferrying troops and supplies to the frontlines of the Kilrathi War. However, they were better armored and were supplied with better armaments than several other transports in the service of Confed. Some of these ships even served as prison vessels when necessary. Theses transports played an active role in various campaigns, notably the Enigma Campaign that lasted from 2656 to 2667.

Among some of the Clydesdales' most notable missions include providing supplementary assistance to the T.C.S. Concordia during the assault on the Heaven's Gate System and the prisoner transfer of Terran traitor Zachary Colson. Unfortunately, Colson escaped from the authorities while en route to Earth for his execution following an attack by the Society of the Mandarins.

Clydesdales saw service with Confed at least until 2669.

Specifications - Clydesdale-class Transport Edit


Length: 73.3 meters

Mass: 4,000 tons


Maximum Velocity: 150 kps

Cruise Velocity: 100 kps

Acceleration: Bad

Maximum Yaw: 2 deg/s

Maximum Pitch: 2 deg/s

Maximum Roll: 2 deg/s


Fore Shield: 25 cm

Aft Shield: 25 cm


Forward: 12 cm

Left: 11 cm

Right: 11 cm

Rear: 12 cm


Notable VesselsEdit

  • TCS Bastille
  • TCS Coatmain
  • TCS Delphinium
  • TCS Dhalma
  • TCS Iguana
  • TCS Mama's Boy
  • TCS Palomino
  • TCS Polemic
  • TCS Tinderbox
  • TCS Valdez (AO-80)
  • TCS Xebec

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