Colonel Hart's Memoirs were special lore sections included in the Wing Commander 3 Authorized Combat Guide, they cover the musings of Colonel Winfield T. Hart (Tiger One), a Confederation Ace of the Kilrathi War. It is mentioned they are presented mainly for their entertainment value, but many of them contain useful information. It is said that his tactical observations are particularly insightful. Some of the memoirs include passages from another of Hart's works A Wing and a Prayer: An Ace's View (Enterprise Press, 2675), it also contains a section called A Word from Colonel Hart (in the first part he welcomes "Blair" to the Tin Can Sally) and Colonel Hart's Tactical Analysis. Both of these sections seems to be Hart discussing missions with "Blair"', or 'debriefing' Blair (after his mission).

List of Names Edit

Behind the scenes Edit

Bandit LOAF notes about his similarity to Christopher Blair;

Colonel Hart (1995) - Another simple ‘near Blair’; Colonel Hart was the voice of the Wing Commander III Authorized Combat Guide. He is never explicitly said to be Blair, but he seems to be able to reference everything Blair has experienced very readily (ie, he is implied to also have been serving as a Colonel on the Victory.)

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