Comet is a stryle of patrol employed by Terran Confederation starfighters. The name refers to a strategy of a fighter wing performing a patrol route before returning to its base, to be replaced by the next wing which will follow the same route.

After destroying the Kilrathi Supply Depot in the Bifrost system[1] the TCS Tiger's Claw remained in the vicinity ambushing incoming ships, unaware of its destruction, coming for resupply. Colonel Peter Halcyon organized a Comet-Style Patrol in which fighters would circle the Claw, then fly to three known Kilrathi jump points. Maverick and Iceman flew as the Sigma Wing, in which they encountered Lumbari-class, Fralthi-class, Ralari-class along with their escorts. Upon their return, Epsilon Wing was launched for the same route.[2]


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