Confederation Pilot Trades Heroism for House ArrestEdit

Confed Wire: 2656.322 Former Lt. Commander Christopher Blair has been placed under house arrest aboard the TCS Austin, pending an internal TCSN investigation into last week’s loss of the TCS Tiger’s Claw. Blair was on a routine patrol when several wings of Kilrathi fighters slipped through his sector and attacked the carrier. According to inside TCN sources, the traditional “black box” that records fighter information was missing from Blair’s ship following the incident. Without the device, officials have no way to verify (or contradict) that his actions followed protocol during the course of the flight. “We are currently trying to locate Lt. Commander Blair’s flight recorder box,” stated Major [[ Edward Pyle]], Chief Investigative Officer for Intell. “Until then, we can only presume that it was removed following his last — and probably final — patrol mission.”

The formal accusation of treason brought against one of the most accomplished pilots in the Navy comes as an unwelcome surprise to Blair’s fellow pilots. “I cannot believe that the Navy would even entertain the idea that Lt. Commander Blair is a traitor,” said Captain Jeannette Devereaux, a close friend and frequent wingmate of Blair’s. “He is one of the most dedicated pilots I have seen during my career as a pilot. It is neither right, nor fair, to remove him from combat.” A full courtmartial is scheduled for early next week, pending further investigation. Admiral Geoffrey Tolwyn, Blair’s acting commanding officer following Colonel Halcyon’s death, refused to comment, saying only that he favors a speedy verdict.

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