Corey Obutu (callsign Mystery Man) was an officer on the bridge of the TCS Tiger Claw.


He grew believing he was human. But as his father was dying, he was told the family secret that he was actually a Pilgrim. Obutu decided to keep that detail to himself as his father, and grandfather had, to protect his military career and chances of promotion.

He was once a Rapier pilot in the 128th Fighter Wing, 54th Squadron, the "Phantoms" around 2639.

Lt. Obutu was an officer on TCS Tiger Claw by 2654.

He was ordered to decrypt the disk from Admiral Geoffrey Tolwyn concerning the Kilrathi attack on Pegasus Station.

On their way to the Sol Sector, Obutu was present when Captain Jason Sansky interrogated James Taggart to discern his credibility. Once Taggart produced his credentials, Obutu was ordered to plot a course to Charybdis, but he reported that it would be 4 days away, and James Taggart suggested an alternative, to set course towards a pulsar, which was not in Obutu's charts. When they arrived, Obutu called Sansky to the bridge.

When on Ulysses Corridor, Ubutu was ordered to enable stealth mode. Once Kilrathi presence was discovered, Obutu was ordered to plot a course for the rings of planet 145. In the later encounters, Obutu reported the damage the Claw suffered.

Later, Obutu was ordered to send a drone to Admiral Geoffrey Tolwyn with the coordinates the Kilrathi would use through the Charybdis. Obutu however was unable to program the drones which had suffered significant damge. Taggart suggested to send Christopher Blair as a courrier.

Soon after, Obutu reported the approach of a Skipper missile which was shot down by Jeannette Deveraux, and later that he lost contact from her during the skirmish.[1]

Pilgrim StarsEdit

Pilgrim TruthEdit

Obutu's promotion has finally come through and he becomes the XO of the Tiger's Claw. After Christopher Blair is cruelly beaten by three "individuals" who have a hatred for Pilgrims, Obutu decides to come out as a Pilgrim himself to draw out the culprits. Working with Jeanette Deverauex they do their own investigation despite Captain Gerald's orders not to interfere in the case. Ultimately he gets a few days suspension for disobeying orders.

When its discovered that the Pilgrims are returning Blair has Karista Mullens show Obutu what he has seen, and that he needs help to transfer Karista from McDaniel's World and bring her to the Concordia where she can explain the danger to the Confederation if they attempt to attack and destroy the Pilgrim worlds.

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