Dakhath ("Deathstroke" in Kilrathi language) was a particularly vicious warrior an Ace pilot hailing from the bloodthirsty nar Caxki clan. Dakhath symbolized everything that defined both his clan and his race: Destructive, merciless, and focused entirely on warfare. Dakhath has served with the Imperial Fleet flying in a Dralthi, which despite its flaws, proved deadly in the claws of a pilot like Dakhath.[2]


Sometime before or around 2643 Dakhath was already an ace with 9 kills. He was engaged in a pitched dogfight against Raymond Blakely that lasted more than 60 minutes. They went round and round for about 40 minutes, each just feeling the other out and evaluating the performance of the other's fighter. Eventually Blakely found himself right on Dakhath's tail and launched a Javelin HS missile. He tried to "support" the missile with Laser Cannons, only to make his missile explode. Dakhath escaped from the explosion and fled.[3]

Around 2652 Dakhath had an encounter with Michael Casey near Planck's Star.[4][5]

Dakhath was one of the most feared foes of the Terran Confederation. According to some incomplete records he had more than 55 confirmed kills,[2] while others say he possessed 78 confirmed kills, including both starfighters and capital ships.[4][5]

Dakhath was active in the Vega Sector in 2654. Pilots from the TCS Tiger's Claw met Dakhath during patroling the Gimle system.[5] Spirit shot him down with a missile but could not confirm whether he managed to eject or not.[1]

Indeed he was seen sometime later in Cheng-Du system he led a wing of Dralthis against a Confed Exeter-class[4] but he was shot down by Paladin.[1]

Dakhath was killed in action in the final months of the Kilrathi War in 2669.

In tha game, Dakhath appears in Gimle,[5] Cheng-Du (against a Exeter-class on its way to Ymir),[4] Hubble's Star,[6] and Hell's Kitchen.[7].


Known to be fearless, he never retreated. His usual tactic was to launch missiles to a distant target then destroying it in close combat, and move to another methodically until every enemy nearby was destroyed (not only wounded). This single-mindedness however meant that he could be easily lured away from more important targets. His determination was stronger than his self-preservation instincts that he did not notice new pursuit on him.[2]

Among his most infamous atrocities was the deliberate shooting of ejection pods. Even after his Terran enemies ejected from their fighters, Dakhath would shoot them in cold blood as they sat helplessly in the vacuum of space, hoping for help. This savagery only increased the fear the Terrans possessed for the notorious Dakhath.[2][4]


The Academy Years gives the following mechanics about Dakhath's AI

Dakhath's AI
No Damage Medium Damage Almost Destroyed
Enemy Near 70% try to tail; 30% strafe attack Run away at full afterburners
Enemy Slow 80% strafe attack; 20% get distance 50% strafe attack; 50% try to tail
Enemy Far intercept enemy fighter
Enemy Tailing 97% burnout; 3% drop a mine 95% turn and kick; 5% drop a mine
Head-to-Head 40% zip past; 60% strafe and roll 20% zip past; 80% strafe and roll
Missile Coming 50% fish hook; 50% turn and kick 50% kick; 50% turn and kick
Laser Hit turn and kick, then turn and fire 50% burnout; 50% turn and kick
On Enemy Tail 50% tail fire; 50% strafe and roll strafe and roll tail fire
Enemy Destroyed gloat veer away


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