Darket light fighter

The Darket light fighter is a Kilrathi light fighter from Chris Roberts's Wing Commander series. Its first appearance was in the computer game Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger.


The Darket light fighter is the Kilrathi's next-generation front-line light fighters after replacing the older Sartha light fighters. These Darkets were introduced in 2668. They are considered to be far more dangerous than previous generations of light fighters produced by the Kilrathi and are treated with caution by Confederation pilots. In addition to normal combat roles, the light fighters is often used in the reconnaissance and scout roles due to its speed.

The performance of this new light fighter is far greater than the previous Sartha or Salthi fighters. It is faster in acceleration and more maneuverable than either of the previous light fighters. In maneuverability and acceleration, the new Kilrathi fighter virtually matches the new Confederation Arrow light fighter. While the equal of the Confederation fighter in both maneuverability and acceleration with the new Confederation light fighter, the Kilrathi fighter does not have the shields and armor of the Confederation Arrow. The Darket has less than half the shield power and only carries about two-thirds of the armor of the Arrow light fighter. Even more critical is that the Darket's lack of firepower. The fighter is armed with a pair of meson cannons compared to four guns carried on the Confederation Arrow. For missiles, the Darket has two hard points. Unlike the Sartha, these hard points are stressed to carry long range missiles. The Darket also holds six missile decoys for defensive purposes.

The Darkets served the Kilrathi up to the day that Kilrah was destroyed by Colonel Christopher Blair. They were never seen again after this, but presumably they continued to serve during peacetime.

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