Dead Dimensions is a term that refers to dimensions of the universe which have collapsed soon during the expansion of the super-heated universe. It was theorized that there were about 25 total dimensions but were ripped away to wither and warp into infinitely-small particles, thus only four remained extant.

Only a small number of scientists throughout history made a study which was considered purely academic with little practical application. A small devoted scientific following searched the universe for signs hoping to find evidence about how the universe came to being.

By the 27th century scientests believed to have found the locations of the dead dimensions. Space exploration thanks to the jump drive proved that the dead dimensions existed everywhere simultaneously. Locations of cosmic events such as pulsars, black holes, wormholes and supernovae triggered events that could stretch the dead dimensions back into existence.

A breakthrough discovery was made in the Mars University. Further research proved that these differences in dimensions were perceivable to the Pilgrims (Savants).


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