Delli Bethlyn Taggart was the mother of James Taggart and husband of Shamus Taggart. She was a native of Scotland and a terraforming engineer. She lived in the Mimas Colony near Saturn, and at Ares, near Venus.


She was a engineer like her husband but spent most of her time taking care of her son James, while her husband helped terriforming Mimas and Venus. She was believed to have perished during the Mimite terrorists first attack in 2613 (although records of that period were suspiciously destroyed in 2624).

James apparently went to visit her on Ares 098 Orbital Station, near Venus in 2632 shortly before the Pilgrim War. She was believed to be killed by her husband who had decided to join the Pilgrims, since she had decided to stay with the Confederation. The madman had shot off her arm as she lay sleeping or drugged in her bed, James jumped into her defense, and struggled with his father, and during the struggle a second shot was fired, removing her face and killing her. THey continued to struggle after that presumably James getting the better of his father.

However, how much of that memory is true or simply manipulated by Kilrathi interrogation through his mind is unknown.

Behind the scenesEdit

She is referred to as Delli by her husband Shamus in Pilgrim Truth. SHe is referred as Bethlyn Taggert in the Wing Commander Handbook.

However its possible that both of them projected themselves to survive much in the same way Devi Soulsong and Mango apparently survived their own "deaths". This is a power among extra-kinetics such as the Pilgrims and certain other mutants.

However, on the other hand, its suggested that James was only half-Pilgrim, which would make his mother a normal human. In this case its possible that perhaps she "Bethlyn" didn't make it, and Delli Taggart is his second wife.

Another possiblity is that Bethlyn and Delli are seperate individuals, and that Shamus/James remarried after Bethlyn died. Although there is nothing to suggest this, and it woudl split up certain aspects of their history more than likely.

In the games both Taggarts were from Wick, Scotland and both were terraforming engineers who worked at Ares near Venus. Both the Ares and Scottish connection are mentioned the Movie Novel, and in Pilgrim Truth (but in the latter as possibly false or broken memories).

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