The Diligent-class Transport is a transport ship that existed in the Wing Commander universe. It only appears in Wing Commander I and the subsequent Secret Missions campaigns.


Diligent-class Transports are basically just another variant of the Drayman-class Transports, only a lot less common. They primarily serve as tankers for refueling and resupply purposes. Their design is identical to the Drayman in every respect except for the fact that instead of massive containers, they carried enormous blue fuel tanks on the underbelly. They are not capable of carrying troops, and presumably carry sixteen to twenty-five man crews like the Draymans.

The Diligent-class Transport TCS Hickok was one of the first ships to reach the Goddard Colony after the Kilrathi annihilated that planet with their new Proton Accelerator Cannon. It ferried supplies there alongside the Venture-class Corvette TCS Marciano in order to aid the recovery efforts. Other Diligents assisted the T.C.S. Tiger's Claw during Operation: Thor's Hammer, in which that ship seeked to destroy the ship that carried the Kilrathi superweapon.

It is unknown when the Diligents ceased their service in the Confed Navy.


Except for their fuel pods, the Diligent was identical to the Draymans.

Specifications - Diligent-class TransportEdit


Length: 96 meters

Mass: 2,000 tons


Maximum Velocity: 150 kps

Cruise Velocity: 100 kps

Acceleration: Bad

Maximum Yaw: 2 dps

Maximum Pitch: 2 dps

Maximum Roll: 2 dps


Fore Shield: 12 cm

Aft Shield: 12 cm


Forward: 8 cm

Left: 6 cm

Right: 6 cm

Rear: 8 cm


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