A Kilrathi from Ghorah Khar. He was Oathsworn to a kalrahr who released him to be transferred to KIS Ras Nik'hra and replace Rakti as Pilot Officer. While Ras Nik'hra was stationed on Ghorah Khar bound for the N'Tanya System, the crew was expecting for Ralgha nar Hhallas who was being interrogated for treason. He dared to express to Kirha his concerns that Ralgha may not return, causing his wrath. Kirha put his claws on his neck, releasing spots of blood. When Ralgha came, he swore fealty to him. He recited the ritual speech and completed it by baring his throat to his claws.[1]

He piloted the ship towards Firekka. He recommended to launch fighters for a long-range patrol but Ralgha (who was a rebel intending for an alliance with the Terrans) belayed that. Drakj protested, especially when Ralgha mentioned that the TCS Tiger's Claw was in the system, but Ralgha shouted at him threateningly for questioning his orders, causing Drakj to fall on the floor in submission.

While Ralgha and Kirha were absent, the Bridge officers were gathered in small groups, and when Kirha came, he asked if Ralgha is insane as they were a sitting target for the Terrans. Then Kirha pulled out a laserpistol and ordered them to stand away from their stations. Seeing that Ralgha and Kirha were arranging for TCS Holmen a Terran troopship to board them, Drakj lunged toward Kirha with his claws. Kirha fired burning Drakj's fur and flesh before losing the pistol. Drakj raked Kirha's face, who held onto Drakj with a death-grip. He managed to hurl Kirha away, slamming his head back. As he was losinghig his senses, Drakj reached the comm console transmitting a distress message, revealing Ralgha's betrayal.

The KIS Kraj'nishk responded and Drakj mentioned the rioting and an approaching human troopship trying to board them. Then with surprise he saw that Kirha regained his senses and sunk his teeth into his throat before shoved himself away. With blood pooring from his slashe throat, Drakj staggered back and fell dead to the deck.[2]


He was the only in the ship (besides Kirha) who speaks a Terran language.[2]


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