Dralthi (Mk. I)
Type Medium Fighter[1]
Class Dralthi-class
Length 28m[1]
Weapons Laser Cannon (2), Porcupine Mines (3), Heat-Seeking Missiles (2)[1]
Shield 5/5cm[1]
Hull 4.5/3/3.5cm[1]
Speed 230/400kps[1]
Yaw/Pitch/Roll 10/14/10dps[1]
Affiliation Kilrathi Empire, Tortuga
First appearance Wing Commander I

Dralthi was a common type of fighter used by the Kilrathi Empire.


This type of Dralthi obviously succeeded the earlier KF-100 Dralthi during the Terran-Kilrathi War.

Once Dralthis attacked the Epsilon Prima system. Confed Tactical anticipated this but estimated that the new Dralthi ships wouldn't have enough range and because of this underestimation 5 Confed pilots were lost.[2]

Dralthi evades

Dogfighting a Scimitar

Dralthis led by Commander Krulan nar Ragitagha attacked two Confed Scimitars above a water planet. Both pilots and Krulan crashed on the planet.[3] A swarm of Dralthis attempted to follow a Confed scout ship which spied Kilrathi space through a pulsar hypernode, however they ended up into an ambush set up by Geoffrey Tolwyn[4] more than once.[5] Dralthis were also the complement of the captured ship TCS Morgan[6] and a Kilrathi Carrier around a ringed snow planet.[7]

Dralthi box

A Dralthi in the original Wing Commander I box

Dralthis were a common sight in the Vega Sector.[8]

Pilots of the TCS Tiger's Claw encountered Dralthis during in patrol or other engagements.[9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16]

Two wings of Dralthi attacked the Claw in Gateway system[17] and later an Exeter-class on its way to Brimstone II.[18] Dakhath nar Sihkag led a wing against an Exeter-class on its way to the Ymir system but he was downed by pilots from the Claw.[19]

Dralthis over Hurricane

Dralthis also participated in a planetary attack in the surface of Hurricane.[20] An escort of Dralthis was engaged by pilots who attacked a Dorkir-class preparing the stage for an assault in Kurasawa.[21] A wing of Dralthis later attacked the TCS Formidable but was fended off by pilots from the Claw.[22]

In another theater of the Vega Campaign, some Dralthis and the 2 Dorkir-class they escorted in the Hubble's Star system but were destroyed by pilots from TCS Eagle's Talon.[23] Similarly, Dralthis attempted to stop the pilots from rendez-vous with a Drayman-class tanker with fuel for the Talon.[24] They also participated to an assault against an Exeter-class in the Hell's Kitchen system[25] and then attempted to stop the Talons jump from that system to Venice.[26][27]

Dralthis were also seen escorting a Fralthi-class in Venice system[28] and were among the craft that guarded the Kilrathi Star Postof Vega Sector.[29]

Another attack against the Claw was made by Dralthis during its incursion to Kilrathi space.[30] During the Operation: Thor's Hammer the elite Reavers marines captured a Dralthi and piloted it back to the Claw and several wings of Dralthis attempted to stop their return.[31]

Around that time, Dralthi Mark II was developed.[32]

Other usesEdit

Dralthi dioscuran

Dioscuran Dralthis

Captured Dralthis were used by the pirates of Daimon Karnes of Tortuga.[33]

Surplus Dralthis were given to the primitive Dioscurans who were trained by the Kilrathi as pilots. These Dralthis beared tribal markings and were modified to operate only with a special coded signal transmitted by the Kilrathi command, so that the natives would never turn against their "benefactors".[34]


Dralthi closeup

A Dralthi

Dralthis had a distinct circular shape that made Terran pilots refer to them as "flying pancakes"; thanks to the shape of the wings, the wing stabilizers spread around a wide area, giving them great stability even in high speeds.[35]

That early Dralthi had an infamous power overload problem once the shields get pounded a little too hard by the Terran Confederation fighters; 3 or 4 direct hits would overload the shield generator causing them to explode; this defect that made them so easy to kill, was corrected in the next model.[35]

The Dralthi carries 2 missiles in racks above the cockpit and 3 in a centerline hardpoint, and 2 forward laser cannons.[36]

Compared to the Confed Hornets, the Dralthis are almost as fast, with more armor in their fore and aft shields.[37] Their speed and range gives them an advantage over heavier but slower Confed fighters such as the F-44_Rapier_II.

Dralthis were somehow predictable in their movements. After an initial frontal offensive they performed a loop either up or down, then rush away and loop again for another run.[38][39][40]

1.4 missiles are required to destroy a Dralthi, or over 7 direct laser hits.[8]

Notable pilotsEdit

Dralthi parked

Bokh's Dralthi



The Academy Years gives the following AI mechanics

Dralthi AI
No Damage Medium Damage Almost Destroyed
Enemy Near 40% try to tail; 60% random offense 70% try to tail; 30% random offense Run away at full afterburners
Enemy Slow 80% strafe attack; 20% get distance 50% strafe attack; 50% try to tail
Enemy Far Intercept enemy fighter
Enemy Tailing 50% tight loop; 50% random defense 50% toll over; 50% random defense
Head-to-Head 70% random offense; 30% random defense 60% random defense; 40% rand. offense
Missile Coming Random defense
Laser Hit 50% corkscrew; 50% random defense Random defense
On Enemy Tail random offense
Enemy Destroyed veer away


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