Kilrathi Empire
Type Interstellar Empire
Official language Kilrathi language
Capital Kilrah

The Empire of Kilrah is an interstellar entity controlled by the Kilrathi. It is ruled by the Kilrathi Emperor.

Borders of Kilrathi space are in Vega, Gemini and Epsilon Sectors. Epsilon is roughly divided between Terran colonies and those originally settled by the Kilrathi.[1]


The Kilrathi Empire is expansionist and imperialistic, expanding in space by conquering and subjugating other races.

To keep their subject races under their thumb, they did not permit them to have command of much in the way of technology.[2]


Terrans estimate that the Empire consists of 300-500 inhabited systems.

Vega SectorEdit

Epsilon SectorEdit

Kilrah SectorEdit

Trk'pahn SectorEdit

Enigma SectorEdit

Unknown sectorsEdit


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