F-54 Epee Light Attack Fighter

The F-54 Epee Light Attack Fighter is a spacecraft found in the Wing Commander universe. It first appearance was in Wing Commander II: Vengeance of the Kilrathi. The F-54C Ferret is one known variant.


The F-54 Epee was developed around the year 2661. They were created as a replacement for the older Hornet Light Fighter. Even though the armor on the Epee was the equivalent to the Kilrathi Sartha light fighter, pilots complained that the Epee's armor was actually inferior to the Kilrathi light fighter. Other complaints included that the fighter's small frame was too fragile and susceptible to critical damage.

The Epee was equipped with twin particle beams which while only having a slightly shorter range than lasers, they had over twice the energy output, able to cause more damage than lasers. Another advantage was that the light fighter had more missile hard points than the old Hornet and twice the hard points of the "Super Ferret." In extreme cases, some Epees can be outfitted with a single torpedo for strikes against small capital ships and for carefully orchestrated multi-fighter strike missions. The Epee also had shields about a third heavier than the Hornet and equal to those on the Ferret.


  • The F-54 Epee was named after the Épée used in fencing. The Épée has a V-shaped blade and has a larger bell guard. The shape almost resembles the F-54 Epee.

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