F/A-76 Longbow Bomber

The F/A-76 Longbow Bomber is a starfighter found in the Wing Commander universe. Its first appearance was in Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger.


The Longbow was featured as a standard bomber in Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger while in the service of the Terran Confederation. It saw a great deal of action in the final years of the Kilrathi War, and would continue to see service through the Black Lance Conspiracy in 2673 during the events of Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom. The Longbow was a very efficient and durable bomber. It was equipped with two Neutron guns and two plasma guns as its front-mounted weapon array. The Longbow also carried a heavy payload of missiles. A total of 16 missiles, which included eight Friend or Foe missiles and eight Heat-seeking missiles. The Longbow also had four torpedoes for capital ship runs.

Wing Commander AcademyEdit

The F/A-76 Longbow Bomber made a minor appearance in the animated television series Wing Commander Academy. The Longbow made its appearance in Episode 4: "Word of Honor". Because of its brief appearance, nothing is known about this Longbow bomber.

In WCIII Heart of the TigerEdit

The Longbow is avaliable in the first mission of the Ariel System offensive. It is only useful in a few select missions, however; as this is the slowest craft avaliable in the game which makes it vulernable to enemy aircrafts.  The rear turret however is the fastest and deadlist, making attacking your six very hard.  While it lacks in speed, the deflector shields are the toughest in the game so it can take a pounding.  As it is designed to fight capital shiops with its four torpedoes, only a select few missions would make the Longbow the ideal fighter for the task.

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