Type Medium fighter
Model F44-A Rapier
Weapons Barrel-shaped rotating laser cannon
Affiliation Terran Confederation

F44-A Rapier medium attack fighter was a design that came out before the CF-117 Rapier and the F-44 Rapier II.


They had silver fusilages ending to a brassy nose with a barrel-shaped rotating laser cannons (like the CF-117b Rapier variant).

The Rapier was built for speed, as seen by its slender and sleek appearance with slightly upturned wings and huge twin thruster cones. It was built for speed.

There a few noteable differences between the newer CF-117b and the older F44-A Rapier. The newer model had increased missile capacity to ten guided or dumbfire missiles and packed a second generation nose-mounted rotary-barrel neutron gun that allowed for longer continuous neutron fire than the old F44’s first generation cannon.[1]


When the Kilrathi attacked Pegasus Station, the heavy cruiser TCS Iowa launched about 6 starfighters, but as soon as they launched, they were picked off by salvos of Meson and missile fire that fully obscured each ship before destroying it.[2]

Christopher Blair flew an F44-A Rapier on the Claw following the Pegasus Station event, designated Rapier 35 once flown by Bossman Chen some 8 hours before he boarded the Claw.



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