Fargo is the 4rth planet in the Dakota system. The colonists had a great deal of pride in themselves, which has on a number of occasions moved them to reject Confederation assistance in times of crisis.

In the context of the Confederation Handbook, it's possible that Fargo was an independent colony of unassimilated Pilgrims which would explain their cold stance towards the Confed. Of course such thing is not mentioned in the game as the Pilgrim bacstory was not developed when Wing Commander I was released.

It was afflicted with a severe case of Watson's Disease, an extremely contagious human illness that can affect entire cities within days and if not treated immediately, it can kill thousands at one time. The colonists there let their pride get the best of them and as a result the planet was severely infected by the time they called for help. Confed had no cure for the disease, but immediately sent in medical teams to ship in vaccines that would suppress the disease and its effects on the colonists.[1]


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