G. Peterson, MCPO was the Deckmaster and a Deck Boss on board the TCS Tiger Claw.[1]



He was in the hangar when Todd Marshall was doing the 360 inside the bay nearly crashing into a fuel truck.[2] Peterson ran across the deck toward the fuel truck, crossed it to holler at the stunned driver, and get him to move. But then he froze, his arms extended across the hood as Marshall's Rapier skidded closer stopping just short of Peterson. He raised his arm, as if to touch the ship's cone which was almost to his face.

Later, he was ordered by Boss Raznick to move a tanker and a plow on the deck. Later Christopher Blair ran into Deckmaster Peterson shortly before the door seal failed. He called for Raznick to activate the energy curtain and ordered the men to start getting everything they needed to seal it.[2]

Later, Peterson was in the hangar when the bulkhead was breached by the bombing of a Ralari-class and oversaw the efforts to reseal the breach.[2]

Under orders by Raznick, Peterson helped prep the last battle over Earth with the Kilrathi and made sure the deck was policed.


It is said that he had a tax auditor's sense of humor.

Behind the scenesEdit

Peterson is a character that appears in the film and its novelization, where his character is expanded upon. The character as he appears in the film is not named. By Pilgrim's Truth he is referred to as a Deck Boss specifically suggesting that he is G. Peterson and seems that Raznick is his superior.

In the handbook the "Flight Control Officer" would seem to be Peterson's inferior or at least equal (Raznick's role in the movie is largely the Flight Control Officer scenes). The Deck Boss is said to be the only one who can override the Flight Control Officer. Raznick is specifically the Flight Boss, and in the book can be seen ordering Peterson around as his superior. In the Handbook, G. Peterson implies that he is the Flight Boss/Deck Boss. In the movie the Flight Boss and Peterson are two different characters.

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