The Gettysburg-class Cruiser is a cruiser class in the Terran Confederation Navy. They appeared in Wing Commander I and the following Secret Missions, but take on the appearance of an Exeter class destroyer.


By most terms, the Gettysburg-class Cruisers were the most powerful capital ships in the Terran Confederation, and have been active since before the year 2655. Little is known about the Gettysburg line, but it is known that they were ideal flagships and could hold there own in battle against the Kilrathi. They carried sixteen fighters.

Easily the most famous cruiser of this class was the TCS Austin, which Vice Admiral Geoffrey Tolwyn used as his flagship in the mid-2650s. It served during the Defense of Firekka and the Enigma Campaign. Two of their pilots, Zachary Colson and Etienne Montclair, temporarily transferred to the T.C.S. Tiger's Claw after that ship suffered several pilot losses in the fighting. Among their dead was the legendary pilot Kien Chen.

The Austin was the first ship to respond to the loss of the Tiger's Claw after it was destroyed by Kilrathi stealth fighters in 2656. It rescued surviving pilots who were out on patrol at the time of the ship's destruction.

It is unknown what the current status of the Austin or the other ships of the line is.


In the original game, the Gettysburg was identical to the T-shaped Exeter. However, the fan project Wing Commander: Standoff gives the ship a greater length and a much more slender hull, as well as additional weaponry.



Length: 700 meters

(To be Continued)

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