Gold star

Gold Star is medal awarded by the Terran Confederation Navy "for exceptional bravery against hopeless odds."[1]

Recipients of the Gold Star are:


  1. Claw Marks (Wing Commander I box package), On the Flight Deck
  2. Claw Marks (Wing Commander I box package), Taggart's Tactics
  3. Chris McCubbin, Official Authorized Wing Commander Confederation Handbook, Casualties Among the 88th Fighter Wing
  4. Wing Commander I, Gimle series (Mission 1), for 83 pts
  5. Wing Commander I, Dakota series (Mission 3), for 135 pts
  6. Wing Commander I, Port Hedland series (Mission 3), for 165 pts
  7. Wing Commander I, Rostov series (Mission 3), for 120 pts
  8. Wing Commander I, Firekka C series (Mission 1), for ~190 pts

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