Type Heavy Fighter[1]
Length 36m[1]
Weapons Laser Cannon (2), Mass Driver Cannon (2), Image Recognition Missile, Heat-Seeking Missiles (3), Porcupine Mines (2)[1]
Shield 11/10cm[1]
Hull 15/10/14cm[1]
Speed 200/320kps[1]
Yaw/Pitch/Roll 6dps[1]
Affiliation Kilrathi Empire
First appearance Wing Commander I

The Gratha Heavy Fighter is a Kilrathi spacecraft.


Confed pilots of the TCS Tiger's Claw encountered several of these fighters during the Vega Campaign in 2654. The first instance was during a patrol in Gateway[2] and then in Gimle where the F-44 Rapier II was tested against them.[3] Two wings of Grathas later attacked the Claw in Chengdu, destroying its escort of 2 Hornets in the process.[4] Grathas were also seen in Dakota.[5]

Grathas piloted by unexperienced Kilrathi pilots were found in Port Hedland and they attempted to destroy a Drayman-class carrying a TCSO crew to the Claw.[6] In the same system a wing of Grathas was seen escorting a new type of capital ship, the Fralthi-class.[7] Later, a wing of 4 Grathas attempted to attack a Confed Exeter-class[8]

Near Kurasawa IV Grathas jumped upon Knight and Lightning. They managed to take out 5 but Lightning was hit. Grathas also attempted (and managed) to destroyed a Confed-captured Ralari-class that was to be used in the sieges in Kurasawa.[9] Grathas escorted a Dorkir-class during their attepts to intrude Rostov[10]

In the Hubble's Star system, Grathas attempted to attack Drayman-class tankers to supply the TCS Eagle's Talon[11] and then attacked the Talon itself, but were fend off by Pitak Puzaki and Marsha Shannon.[12] In the Hell's Kitchen system, Grathas were among the forces who attempted to stop refugee ships from reaching the Talon.[13][14]

Grathas were also seen in the Venice system[15] while two wings directly attacked the Claw[16] while a wing was among the defenses of the Star Base.[17]

During Operation Thor's Hammer, Grathas of the remaining Kilathi force in Goddard attacked the Claw while investigating what happened to Goddard Colony[18] and then Grathas were encountered while the Claw intruded into Kilrathi territory, such as Border Zone system,[19][20] a couple of them escorting a Ralari-class in the Midgard[21] and Jotunheim systems.[22][23] In that system, a Fralthi-class with an escort of Grathas set up an ambush for the Claw, but all its fighter wings were launched to counteract their strategy.[24]

Grathas were among the defenses of a fuel Supply Depot in the Bifrost system.[25] After its destruction, ships were stranded in the system, including a Ralari with its Gratha escort.[26] Many Grathas were around the Valgard system[27] including stranded ships which turned against the Claw in desperation.[28]

Finally in the Vigrid system, when the Claw approached the Sivar, 4wings of Gratha, 11 ships in all, attacked the carrier in an attempt to stop its advance.[29] 6 Grathas were among the defenses of the Sivar, but were unable to stop the Confed pilots from destroying the prototype Dreadnought.[30]


These fighters were considered very well-defended and armed. Its weapon arsenal included two laser and mass-driver cannons, along with a missile payload of three heat-seeker missiles, a single Image Recognition missile, and two space mines. Only the Terran Confederation's Raptor was a match for the Gratha. However, the Raptor bested the Gratha in speed.


The Academy Years gives the following AI mechanics

Gratha AI
No Damage Medium Damage Almost Destroyed
Enemy Near 50% try to tail; 50% strafe enemy Run away at full afterburners
Enemy Slow sit and fire
Head-to-Head 90% strafe attack; 10% strafe and roll strafe enemy
Enemy Tailing 30% burnout; 70% strafe attack 98% random defense; 2% drop mine
Laser Hit 50% turn and fire; 50% random defense Random defense
Enemy Far Intercept enemy fighter
Missile Coming Random defense
On Enemy Tail random offense
Enemy Destroyed veer away


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