Grikath heavy fighter

The fictional Grikath heavy fighter is a Kilrathi starfighter from Chris Roberts's Wing Commander series of computer games. Its first appearance was in the computer game Wing Commander II: Vengeance of the Kilrathi.


In the fictional Wing Commander universe, the Kilrathi Grikath heavy fighter was the Kilrathi's most powerful heavy fighter at its time. The Grikath heavy fighter was even more powerful than the Jalkehi Heavy Fighter, which was another Kilrathi heavy fighter. Christopher Blair encounter several of these fighters in the computer game Wing Commander II: Vengeance of the Kilrathi, where the fighters made their first appearance.

The Grikath heavy fighter was a very deadly fighter used by the Kilrathi during its time. It was designed both to fight off enemy fighters with ease and to take out enemy capital ships. A Grikath had a deadly front energy mount weapon array that included three Neutron guns, which was powerful enough to destroy almost any Terran Confederation fighter caught in its wake. Its missile payload included three Friend or Foe missiles for starfighter engagements and three additional torpedoes for strikes against enemy capital ships. The Grikath was also equipped with a dual neutron gun turret in the rear for fending-off chasing enemy fighters. The only real weakness in the Grikath was its lack in speed. Most Confederation fighters could out-maneuver and outrun the Grikaths, leaving Kilrathi pilots at a major disadvantage.

Wing Commander AcademyEdit

The Grikath heavy fighter made a number of appearances in the animated television series Wing Commander Academy, mainly in episodes three, six, seven, ten, eleven, twelve and thirteen. The design of the fighter in Academy is quite similar to that of the game.

The main difference between the game's version of the Grikath and Academy's is the weapon arsenal.

  • The Grikaths in Academy had an energy-weapon array that consists of three lasers.
  • The fighter in Academy carries a grand total of fourteen missiles: four in wing racks, two in fuselage racks and eight in internal wing hardpoints, which was a much heavier payload than the game's version.
  • The Grikath in Academy is also equipped with two magnetic grapplers (or tractor beams) are mounted on the wings.

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