Lieutenant Gweneviere Larson is a technical specialist in Special Operations of the Confederation Intelligence.[1]


She was assigned to Sol Station as the assistant of former pilot James Taggart under Commodore Steward.[1] Paladin brought her to the cell where the Kilrathi defector Kirha was held. When they learned that Kirha had sworn loyalty to pilot Ian St. John, she saw an opportunity for Confederation Intelligence. She said that Kirha did not prove useful to the interrogators, but Kirha could talk about their social system and the rebel planet and cross-correlate Ralgha nar Hhallas's information with his.[2]

One day She was sent by Steward to call for Paladin. As she entered Kirha's cell she saw a handsome man, none other than Hunter, was there; she smled and introduced herself politely. She interrupted Kirha who mentioned the rebellion in front of Hunter, saying that politics shouldn't concern a pilot. After a brief flirting, they arranged a date for a few beers on the station's Observation Deck, after her meeting with the General Staff. She left for her office letting Hunter explain human flirting to a confused Kirha.[1]


Larson has long red hair and quite attractive.[2] Although she was assigned for her brains rather than looks, she admits appearance can help her job. However she had a weakness to handsome pilots like Hunter.[1]

Apparently she can speak the "throat-hurting" Kilrathi language.[2]


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