The Hades-class Quick-strike Cruiser is a cruiser-class capital ship that served under the Terran Confederation fleet in the Wing Commander universe. The first appearance of these cruisers were in the computer game Wing Commander: Prophecy.


In the Wing Commander Universe, the Confederation introduced the new Hades-class Quick-strike Cruiser in 2681 and were first seen in the Secret Ops expansion for the computer game Wing Commander: Prophecy. The TCS Cerberus was the first Hades-class cruiser introduced. In Secret Ops, Lance Casey and several of his fellow pilots from the TCS Midway are transferred to the TCS Cerberus to aid the cruiser in several assignments that involved new Nephilim threats. The TCS Cerberus was instrumental in the elimination of the Nephilim threat in the Proxima system.

The Hades-class Quick-strike Cruiser was a big improvement over the older Confederation Cruisers. Although not as large and heavily armed as the Plunkett-class Heavy Artillery Cruiser, these cruisers performed their tasks extremely well, which was performing quick-strikes for almost any kind of assignments. These cruisers were equipped ten dual Tachyon cannon turrets, four laser turrets, and a single Mark IV Heavy Plasma Cannon, one of Confed's newest weapons. Unlike older Confederation capital ships, the Hades Quick-strike cruisers were equipped with missile payloads that included four Image Recognition missiles and six standard capital ship torpedoes. A Hades-class cruiser can also house thirty starfighters, four transport shuttles, and two Marine boarding crafts. It is uncertain if these quick-strike cruisers were mass-produced for the Confederation fleet like the Plunkett-class Heavy Artillery Cruisers and Murphy-class Destroyers.

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