Harga was an old Kilrathi warrior of the Vakka clan, friend of Lord Vakka and his most loyal retainer. Vakka saved his life during the Battle of Turing in the Varni War.[1] He fought in the Battle of Karing where he lost his cubs, and then started questioning the policies of the Empire of Kilrah.[2]

Although a warrior, Harga was also known to like books and also served as tutor for young Jukaga nar Vakka. As he had no young of his own, he put his dreams on him. He saw in the young an intelligence even beyond his father's.[1]

Around 2634 he was based on Fawcett's World running the outpost world keeping the human captives. With Vakka, he even admired the humans.[2] He became friends with a captive, Dr. Abram and allowed him to study Kilrathi language (even the Imperial Court dialect) and culture. Harga reminded to Abram of the samurai of the Tokagawa Shogunate on Earth: trained killers educated in the arts, music, poetry.[1]

Indeed, Harga loved knowledge, a thing considered suspicious and un-warriorlike in the Empire, and found conversations with Abram stimulating in his loneliness and spent whole nights exchanging stories of our cultures, finding similarities and differences. Harga realised that the humans would be no weak prey as the Crown Prince believed, and the campaign he was preparing, would last for generations.[1]

He welcomed his old pupil Jukaga on the planet, sent by his father to study and understand the humans better. He let them sit with Abram and exchange words, much to Jukaga's surprise and annoyance.[1]


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