Harrison Falk
Gender Male
Race Human
Job Radar Man
Affiliation Terran Confederation
First appearance Wing Commander film
Played by Craig Kelly

Harrison Falk was a Lieutenant and Radar Officer and Tech of the TCS Tiger Claw.


When the Claw arrived to the Ulysses Corridor, Falk immediately detected a strong EM signature near the D-5 asteroid field and Jeanette Deveraux was ordered to prepare a connoiter. It proved to be a Thrakhra-class ConCom.

When the Claw was hit by ambushing Kilrathi fleet, Falk reported to Paul Gerald that multiple targets approached. Falk counted 2 Ralari-class Destroyers and 1 Sivar-class Battleship that launched 3 dozens of Dralthi starfighters. He then locked to one of the Ralaris and the Claw successfully hit it with two torpedoes. Falk reported more targets behind the battleship, which were actually Deveraux's Baker Wing that returned to take care of the capital ships.

Much later, when Christopher Blair and Deveraux left for the Sol system, Falk warned that a Fralthi-class Cruiser changed course towards them, but under the orders of James Taggart, the Claw obliterated the ship.

After Deveraux shot down a Skipper Missile in order to protect the Claw, Falk reported that they lost contact with her and and Taggart left to rescue her.[1]

Pilgrim StarsEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

He appears in the movie, and is one of the few bridge crew that is referred to by name. "Mr. Falk, or "Falk" by other characters. He is often seen behind a transparent chart.

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